Siteskey Plans

Siteskey gives you more power to Grow your business. ultimate in speed, resources and tools specifically designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress website.
$ 384 / Month
$ 449 / Month
$ 879 / Month
Setup By

As usual, as in most companies, your website
It will be created with a few clicks by the
machine, and it's the same case with Siteskey
but not all. Most Siteskey' plans have the an
option to setup by experts, which means that
once the payment is completed, an expert will
contact you to help you with Create exactly
what you want, without the need for any effort.

Free custom domain
You will get a free domain not only for
one year, but for the duration of your stay
with us. Also, the renewal is free.
Offer valid for the following extensions:
.com, .de, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .pictures,
.co.uk, .club, .space, .dev, .app, .fr, .ca, .co, .xyz.
And much more!
Free Domain Privacy

Siteskey will mask your personal
information (your name, email, and home
address) that is assigned to your website's
domain name on the public ICANN domain
directory and replace it with our own general
contact information. This keeps your email
and home mailbox clear from spam and
unwanted contacts related to your domain.

Professional Email

Create professional email addresses with
your website domain at no extra cost.
Up to 100 email aliases per domain.
Email addresses can forward to another
email address you already own.
For example, you can create an email
address “sales@example.com” that
forwards to your personal Gmail account.

Free SSL certificate

All Siteskey plans include Let’s
Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL
certificates at no extra cost. For
your convenience, the Standard SSL
comes preinstalled on your site.

Storage space

All Siteskey plans will be equipped
with powerful SSD drives

250 GB SSD
500 GB SSD

The more media you add to your website,
the more bandwidth it requires to
keep data downloading smoothly.

8 TB
15 TB
20 TB
Secure online payments
Accept secure online payments &
manage all transactions from your

We support for Arab payment gateways
such as:
1. Myfatoorah
2. Tap
In addition to global portals such as:
1. Stripe
2. PayPal
Quiz & Assignments
Create compelling quizzes, assignments,
lessons, and more to create resourceful
eLearning courses.
Number of Courses

Unlimited number of courses

Number of Students

Unlimited number of students

Manager Accounts
Unlimited manager account
Discount Codes
Create custom discount codes.
on either a fixed value or
percentage basis.
Serve certificate content like names of
your students, courses, and instructors
with shortcodes and style them any way
you want.
Course Attachments
Add unlimited attachments or private
files to any of your courses.
Track Performance
Track the performance of students'
and courses' progress to assess
the effectiveness.
Website Administrator
Unlimited Administrator lets you have
unlimited users editing your site. This
is ideal for having multiple collaborators
to help you manage your website.
Also, an unlimited number of clients
can subscribe to your website.
WordPress Autoupdates
Keeping your WordPress application
up-to-date with the latest version is
an important step in maintaining a
secure site. Our automatic WordPress
software and plugin updates make that
process easy and fast.
Advanced blogging tools
Plugins that help you make writing
and publishing professional articles.
So it will help you to make your article
look better.
Advanced SEO tools
Plugins that helps you make
your website optimized and
friendly to search engines.
Earn money from ads
Google AdSense provides a way for
publishers to earn money from their
online content. AdSense works by
matching ads to your site based on
your content and visitors.
Advanced social media tools

A lot of plugins that help you take
advantage of social media on
your website.

Email Marketing
New revolutionary drag and drop
editor makes it easy and fast to
design high converting opt-in
forms in minutes.
Multi Instructor

It allows multiple professionals to
collaborate in running an educational
institute and flexible commission
allocation, money management,
and uninterrupted revenue sharing.

Certificate Builder

Enjoy the ability to create
awesome certificates
for your e-learning courses.

2 Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP ensures faster site
speeds. You don't have to contend
with web traffic because you're the
only one using the IP address.

Premium Support
Our 24/7 support team are tailored
to help you Growth your business.
Affiliate System

An affiliate program is like having
a sales team, without having a
sales team. Think of your affiliate
partners like your own little army
of sales representatives. You help
them understand your business,
they promote it and you pay only
if they manage to bring you sales.

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