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With the notarialdeposit of your works, you create irrefutable proof of the time of creation. This prevents anyone else from posing as the author and protects you from plagiarism and theft of ideas.

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Being an entrepreneur and a source of innovative business ideas may bring you sooner or later to encounter a situation pitching your product and service to investors or interested people, however, your ability there to express yourself would be absolutely convincing. But realizing that the risk that your idea, product or invention could at some point be replicated actually exist, leaves a bad feeling in the stomach.

If this happens at some point, it may put the whole business at a huge danger. Assigning your project to your name and to time of creation officially, gives you the privilege to always have the upper hand. This can be applied most effectively to trade secrets and documents, e.g. patent proof of prior use (works, information and documents together "works") in the form of digital files.

Which notary will my deed deposit with?

Your data will be deposited with a notary from the city of Berlin in the same Federal State´s name. The notary is a fully qualified lawyer and licensed as a notary; he is a member of the Berlin Chamber of Notaries. The notary has at least 10 years of professional experience and is very familiar with notarial deposits. Incidentally, lawyers and patent attorneys also use this service for their clients.

How long would the notary keep my deed?

The statutory retention period for notaries in Germany is 100 years.

Is it internationally effective?

German notaries are considered acknowledged worldwide, so are their deeds. You need to know, the regulations in your country would nevertheless rule the legal protection you may have through your deposited work. Involvement in legal contention abroad, the solution will be relevant to the law the court applying in a specific location. For more information about the notarial deeds acknowledgement is found on the Hague website

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