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You’re not just building courses; you’re cultivating communities. Engage students like never before, foster connections, and create an environment where learning thrives.

WordPress is Trusted By The Best

Empowering Education, Connecting Minds

Why Do We Exist?

At Siteskey, We Believe in the Power of Knowledge to Transform Lives.
In a world where information is abundant yet fragmented, we saw an opportunity to make a difference. Our mission is to bridge the gap between knowledge seekers and knowledge providers, creating a space where education is not just accessible but also engaging, interactive, and community-driven. We exist to empower educators, learners, and institutions with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.
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WordPress is the Best

Yes there are a lot of options for building a website, but surely WordPress is the best.
And that's obvious if you take a look at the most important universities in the world, social media giants (Meta) and some other government websites like the white house website.
We can't deny that many people chose other options because its much easier and less expensive to work with rather than WordPress... But that's the past, today we're here to offer you the easiest way that is much affordable than any other and most importantly with WordPress!

WordPress is the Best

WordPress biggest obstacle

Shared hosting isn't the best choice to any business that wants to grow big and succeed.. And it's not suitable for WordPress websites which made almost all hosting companies create specific plans for WordPress and other plans for WooCommerce.

To make it worth the effort, We developed our own solution.. Powerful Cloud Instances located in Germany, NVMe or SSD Storage. Without further ado.. No need to say more about the German quality!

WordPress biggest obstacle

Meet Web Key Experts

Siteskey is the ultimate power that gives you the key to Grow your business. More resources, control, speed and tools specifically designed to help you get the most out of your WordPress website.

From Now On, You don't have to worry about Hosting, Coding or any other technical issues... Just keep running your business and SITESKEY will figure out all that for You.

Meet Web Key Experts


Everything You Need To Succeed Online

SitesKey offers you all the tools and add-ons you need to attract customers and build trust with them!

Online Store

A professional store that offers you everything you need to sell anything you want online

Business Website

Build trust with your customers and boost your brand with a great website

Online Courses

Build an educational platform to sell online courses like Udemy or Coursera

Social Network

Yes! With us, you can build a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter


Blogging is an important tool that helps you reach customers and build trust with them

Appointment System

An automated appointment booking system that enables customers to book an appointment and pay online


The best search engine optimization tools you will find in your hands to succeed online

Elegant Designs

Your website reflects your identity. With us there are no limits to what you can do.

Sales Funnels

Pages dedicated to converting your visitors into paying customers with pleasure!

Landing Pages

Featured pages to display a product or service in a way that leads to increased sales

Email Marketing

Build a large base of customers who will want to buy from you when you launch a new product

Content Marketing

There is nothing better than content marketing, and we offer you the best tool in the world

Our Plans


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1,164 € Billed annually



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2,496 € Billed annually



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4,164 € Billed annually



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Great for teachers and coaches



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Great for small businesses



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Great for companies and agencies

If You Can Use The Mouse, You Can Build A Great Website!

Drag & Drop Editor

Just use the mouse to build and customize every part of your website. Straight away with No more dealing withbackend and coding options.

Responsive Editing

Be in control of your website and its appearance, no matter on which device. Now it is easily available, because of the responsive editor.

Design Options Galore

Design will be only an issue of your taste and not your suffering anymore, with the huge number of design options and page elements.

Save & Manage Your Designs

Create a system in your design process through saving your premade custom designs.Hit the start and reuse them to lift the productivity.

Undo, Redo, & Revisions

You are free of the stress making mistakes. The editor works for you. With the history function, you can redo stuff and go back to any point in the past.

Inline Text Editing

Start typing! Text can be applied right on the surface, so you see its final appearance on the webpage. This is another key element to be productive.

Your Success

Built For Growth

Education is more than the transfer of information; it’s about building connections, fostering understanding, and creating spaces where ideas can flourish. Siteskey exists to transform the solitary act of online learning into a vibrant, collaborative experience.
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3 Online Courses
Social Network

Build Your Educational Empire

Dive into the heart of interactive learning with Siteskey, where creating your own social network isn't just possible—it's effortless. Picture a space where your brand's identity shines through every feature, every course, and every community interaction. With Siteskey, you have the freedom to define your educational community on your terms. No policing, no restrictions—just unlimited potential to engage, enlighten, and empower your learners. Control your privacy, manage your data, and curate a learning environment that mirrors your values.
Build Your Educational Empire

Elevate Your Brand, Engage Your Community

Imagine transforming your customers into passionate advocates for your brand. With Siteskey, this vision becomes your reality. Our platform goes beyond traditional course delivery, weaving the power of community into the fabric of your brand. Create immersive online courses, foster engaging discussions, and build a loyal community—all under your brand's banner. Siteskey empowers you to drive conversations, fuel brand loyalty, and forge deeper connections with every learner. Together, we'll turn your customers into your most powerful advocates.

Elevate Your Brand, Engage Your Community
Online Courses

Transformative Learning Experiences

With Siteskey, you're not just creating courses; you're crafting collaborative learning experiences that resonate on every device. Our unique integration of WordPress, BuddyBoss, Elementor, and Tutor LMS means you have the only web/mobile platform designed to scale with your growing business knowledge. Embrace the limitless possibilities of online education. With Siteskey, your potential knows no bounds.
Transformative Learning Experiences

General FAQs

Siteskey is a SaaS system that allows customers to create an online educational community. It integrates WordPress, BuddyBoss, Elementor, and Tutor LMS to provide a complete platform for offering online courses, selling them, or creating an interactive learning community.

Educators, entrepreneurs, and organizations looking to offer online learning experiences, sell courses, or build an educational community will find Siteskey particularly beneficial. It’s designed to cater to a wide range of educational needs, from individual instructors to educational institutions and businesses.

1. Customizability and Control: Unlike ClickFunnels, which is primarily focused on creating sales funnels, Siteskey offers a broader and more customizable platform for creating an online educational community. With Siteskey, users have access to the extensive customization capabilities of WordPress, allowing for a more tailored experience that can better reflect their brand and educational goals.

2. Integrated Learning Experience: Siteskey leverages Tutor LMS, a powerful learning management system designed specifically for educational content. This integration provides a richer set of features for course creation, management, and delivery compared to the broader, less specialized tools in ClickFunnels. With Siteskey, educators can create more engaging and interactive courses, complete with quizzes, assignments, and certification.

3. Community Building: Through BuddyBoss, Siteskey enables the creation of vibrant online communities around educational content. This feature goes beyond the sales and marketing focus of ClickFunnels, fostering a sense of belonging and interaction among learners that can enhance the learning experience and increase course completion rates.

4. Design Flexibility: With Elementor’s drag-and-drop interface, Siteskey users can design beautiful, responsive pages without needing to code. This level of design flexibility ensures that educators can create visually appealing course pages and content that stand out, which is a limitation with the template-driven approach of ClickFunnels.

1. Platform Ownership: Siteskey, built on WordPress, offers users full ownership of their platform and content. Unlike Teachable, where users are essentially renting space on a third-party platform, Siteskey users control their data, manage their own updates, and can customize their site’s functionality without limitations.

2. Customization and Branding: While Teachable provides a straightforward way to create and sell courses, its customization options are limited compared to Siteskey. With Siteskey, educators can leverage WordPress themes and plugins, along with Elementor’s design capabilities, to create a site that fully embodies their brand and vision.

3. Integrated Community Features: The integration of BuddyBoss with Siteskey provides a significant advantage over Teachable by enabling the creation of social learning environments. Users can foster engagement through forums, groups, and social feeds, turning their educational platform into a lively community, which enhances learning outcomes and student retention.

Technical FAQs

No, you do not need coding skills to use Siteskey. The platform is built with user-friendliness in mind, leveraging the drag-and-drop interface of Elementor for site design and the intuitive back-end of WordPress for content management.
Siteskey offers extensive customization options. Thanks to its WordPress foundation, users can choose from thousands of themes and plugins to tailor the appearance and functionality of their platform. Additionally, Elementor allows for detailed design customizations, and BuddyBoss provides customizable community features.
Yes, Siteskey supports course migration from other platforms. Our team can assist you in transferring your existing content and user data to your new Siteskey platform, ensuring a smooth transition for you and your learners.
Yes, Siteskey allows for the creation of private courses and communities. You can restrict access to certain courses or community areas to members only, enabling exclusive content for registered users or specific groups.

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